About Me

Serena Coady is a human lady who has written for some of Australia’s most beloved publications since not bothering to finish her communications degree. In addition to her digital work at Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Cleo and Dolly, Serena skipped out on her university and office commitments to saunter around Asia and beyond.

In the process she learned just how vivid and absurd life abroad can be. She also learned the secret to eternal life, but that’s a tale for another time. Do expect that tale to be behind a paywall. Ha! No, no, Luna won’t have paywalls. Also Buzzfeed and Dr. Oz are already in a bloody battle over the rights to her story on eternal life.

Raised in Australia’s Blue Mountains and in the bush capital of Canberra, Serena considers the outdoors to be her greatest love. Her compulsions include climbing mountains and boogie hall dancing down ’em. She also likes patting dogs and buying plane tickets. Oh and tricking others into following her despite not understanding basic navigational principles.

Described as “underwhelmingly intense” and “ethnically confusing”, she hopes to inspire the imagination of others by documenting her take on travel and adventure. She also loves writing pop culture articles but since Nickleback surfaced in her Spotify “Top Recommendations For You” last week, she’s having grave doubts about whether she’s qualified to impart cultural advice. (If anyone knows how Spotify algorithms work, speak now.)

Beyond Luna, Serena’s hopes are simple. She dreams of making it to Eurovision. As a spectator. You were thinking as an off-brand Orc rocker, weren’t you?

Anyway, enough of this speaking in third person business. More speaking in tongues, I say! The blog will be like, so much better than this bio. Expect less seguing too.

Please direct all enquiries and nudes to serenacoady@outlook.com.